Founded on a culture of entrepreneurship, hard work and growth investing, Driehaus Private Equity, LLC embraces the following core principles:

  • As principal investors, we value long-term returns over short-term profits.  We build wealth for our investors and ourselves by prudently acquiring and growing businesses.

  • We strive for excellence by focusing on continuous, quantifiable improvements.

  • We build businesses in partnership with dedicated, like-minded management teams.

  • We work tirelessly through the investment life cycle to benefit our investors.

  • We aim for transparency to our investors, our portfolio partners and our management partners.

  • Our defining characteristics are our integrity and the respect with which we treat our investors, our partners and each other.

  • We seek dissenting views and value opinions that challenge our assumptions.

  • We are passionate about building great businesses in collaboration with management; about life-long learning and growth; and about making every interaction, internal and external, collaborative and dynamic.